Along with our normal local league & local shoots we take great pride in having our own Club Trophy Shoots throughout the year which see Kingswood go up against the Welsh and soon Devon Clubs, we also hold our Memorial club trophy shoots too, all of these are always well supported and fantastic fun!


After one of our club members Emigrated to Wales in 1991 he soon found a local shooting club, St Brides Major Shooting club in 1991 to be precise. When he got to know the club he suggested the idea that they have a go at shooting against Kingswood, so 1992 saw the first Kingswood trip to Wales with a full coach of 35 guns!

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The Welsh leg is always shot on the May bank holiday and the Kingswood leg is always shot on the August bank holiday. Now, Kingswood normally loose the away leg as it is shot in a quarry and the slate & stone walls which act as the backdrop is very off putting but a similar situation happens for the Welsh on the return leg as they find it off putting with the wide open spaces so it equals out nicely for both clubs!.

The high gun at each leg wins a bottle of whiskey and the winning club after the two shoots keeps the trophy until the following year, this is one of the clubs highlights of the year, always fantastic fun both away and home legs, after the shooting we all retire to the local pub where there’s alway a great meal laid on and obviously the obligatory tall stories & excuses being readily told!


Roger Phillips, a long time pillar and character of Kingswood club passed away in 93, and his family kindly donated a trophy for a memorial shoot which we are still proud to compete for today.

We generally combine this with the return leg of the Welsh Shoot (our club only) it is still shot on a handicap system to give some of us mere mortals a chance to win it and it is still very well supported!



Fred Dymock, another long standing character of the club sadly passed away in the mid 90’s’

Fred owned some land which is now owned by Quainton Railway Society, where every Boxing Day there would be wood burning in old oil drums to keep you warm and a never ending supply of mince pies & whiskey this was the legendary boxing day shoot! We have a memorial trophy too, donated from Fred’s family and this event is also very well supported, the family also get to come along as our honorary guests